The Freewave Surf Academy Instructor Team

Introducing the Freewave Surf Academy instructor team!

Here to help you enjoy being in, on and around the water. Whatever activity you choose to do with Freewave, our fantastic instructor team are on hand to help keep you safe, guide you and encourage you every step of the way.

When they are not delivering first class activities, you can often find them in the surf, clambering around on the rocks or busting tricks in the local skate park!



Robin is the owner of Freewave Surf Academy. If he is not out on the water instructing then he can be found surfing, drinking coffee or trying to round up his feral children!


Head Instructor/Operations Manager

Glyn’s real name is too hard to spell. He can often be found climbing sea cliffs or out enjoying the water. He loves quizzes, all things sport as well as a cheeky cider!

Freewave Surf Academy Team - Marco


Lead Surfing/Bodyboarding Instructor

Marco loves being in the water. If he is not out teaching people how to surf then he is underwater with his spear fishing gear looking for his dinner! Marco is a very good skateboarder, forager and a very talented artist.

Freewave Surf Academy Team - James


Lead Surfing/Bodyboarding/Coasteering Instructor

James loves to take people surfing and coasteering while they are on their holiday. His love for being around the ocean is clear to all that know him. In his spare time, James runs a campervan business called Kooky Campers… go check em out!


Surf Photographer

Charlie is our resident surf photographer. He can often be found wading in the shallows with his camera. Charlie is on hand to get the best shots of you during your surfing lessons so don’t forget to give Charlie a cheeky smile when your in the water!

Freewave Surf Academy Team - Monty


Surfing/Bodyboarding/Coasteering Instructor

Monty loves being by the beach. He is a strong waterman and enjoys getting in the surf whenever he can. Monty is studying to be a product designer. So, if any visitors to Freewave have that Dragon’s Den idea while surfing or coasteering then… Monty’s is your man!

Freewave Surf Academy Team - Alec


Surfing/Bodyboarding/Coasteering Instructor

Alec loves to be in the ocean and with bright blonde hair, he is our best example of a proper surf dude in Bude! He loves taking groups of people in the water and helping them catch waves. Alec and is studying medicine in Manchester, so you are in safe hands with Alec.

Freewave Surf Academy Team - Alfie


Surfing/Bodyboarding/Coasteering Assistant Instructor

Alfie is our resident surf grom. He is a little ripper in the surf and loves being around the beach. Alfie helps out with all of our activities and is a great chap to have around. When Alfie is not surfing, he loves to play cricket and follow football.

Freewave Surf Academy Team - Lily


Surfing/Bodyboarding/Coasteering Instructor

Lily is super strong in the water and can swim faster than all the boys! Lilly loves being around the beach and teaching people about the ocean.

Freewave Surf Academy Team - Sally


Surfing/Bodyboarding/Coasteering Assistant Instructor

Sally has been surfing at Widemouth for many summers. She helps out with our surfing and coasteering activities in the summer and is especially good at helping all the little surfers.