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Here you will find where we like to get our thoughts, ideas, offers and adventures down on text. You will find a range of posts from ‘Pasty’s’ to ‘Pop Up’s’ so we invite you to come and explore the goings on of Freewave Surf Academy.

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Into the Blue: How the Ocean is Good for Our Health

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Now, you absolutely know I’m a signed-up member and card-carrier of the Water is Good for You Club. I mean, I run a business centred around it. But it [...]

The best Christmas gift guide for surfers and watersport lovers!

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The best Christmas gift guide for surfers and watersport lovers! Christmas is a little different this year, isn’t it? Can’t pretend it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean that we [...]

Top 10 tips to surfing all year round

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Top 10 tips to surfing all year round You may be reading this blog after coming with us on a Freewave Surfing Experience or maybe you and your family [...]

Suncream for surfers

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Everybody needs sunscreen! Sunscreen isn’t just for blistering hot days or holidays. Savvy surfers wear protection all year round. I don’t mean to sound like your mum; but there [...]

6 Airline surfboard fees, how to pack your surfboard and know your baggage rights!

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As thoughts turn to the new year, well a whole new decade too and the evenings are still dark you can be forgiven for daydreaming about flying off to [...]

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