Surfing Gift Vouchers

Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or just because you love them. Are you looking for that perfect gift idea? What about giving that special someone an experience that creates a lifetimes worth of memories – Now doesn’t that sound like the present of the century!

Here at Freewave Surf Academy we are pleased to be able to offer you a redeemable gift voucher for a friend or loved one. Each voucher is customisable and has the option for it to be delivered at a later date – So no missing any birthday or anniversary deadlines! Each voucher is redeemable up to one year after it has been purchased which starts when it has been received. So there is no need to wait to give that special someone the perfect gift of a truly memorable experience with us at Freewave Surf Academy!

You can now add a Voucher Pack to your gift so that the lucky recipient gets a snazzy voucher to receive as well as a few extra treats!

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