4 Reasons To Visit Bude In Spring Time

Bude is an amazing place all year round, that’s a fact. It does change a lot as the seasons change though, so getting to know what it’s like at different times of the year can really help you to make the most of it.

Freewave posts regular articles to help you get to know the place so well that people might think you’re a long-time local. Wouldn’t tha’ be proper! In a previous blog we gave you 10 free things to do in Bude, and today we’ve uncovered a few reasons why Bude rocks in Spring. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more!

The surf is better

As a general rule of thumb in the UK, the waves are better in the winter months because of the increased storm activity in the Atlantic sending better swells our way. These swells start gracing our shores from September to spring, and often the most memorable surfs happen at this time. Surfing lessons start in spring. Good waves and an emptier line-up, sounds perfect, right? We love it.

Surfing Spring in Widemouth Bay

Accommodation costs less and there’s better choice

The wide range of accommodation in Bude really does provide something for everyone. From high-end hotels with jaw-dropping sea views to holiday cottages, or cost effective lodgings, campsites and yurt villages – Bude and its surrounding areas have it all. From September to May, many places charge their off-season rates. This makes spring great value for money. Not only that, all of the best places won’t be fully booked, which means you have plenty of choice to find just the right accommodation for the whole family.

It’s quieter than peak season

In peak season, Bude is buzzing but if you prefer things to be a bit quieter, then spring is a great time to catch some waves. That said, Bude never seems excessively busy and those looking for a quiet holiday even in peak season just need to find out a little about the many serene spots around here. If that’s you, keep an eye out on our blog, you never know, we might give you some ideas about where to find them in the future!

At this time of year, you won’t need to queue for lunch and you’ll be able to get a booking at your favourite restaurant at short notice. And best of all, you can catch a swim in the Sea Pool, just you and your family. Like the sound of that? Well, keep reading because it only gets better.

Big tides uncover shipwrecks and treasures

There are often huge tidal ranges, sometimes with tides as low as 0.4m and low tides mean that much more beach will be exposed than usual. With such low tides there’s chance of catching rarely seen shipwreck ruins, and we all know that shipwrecks mean treasure! And if you don’t find any jewels, gold or silver, there’s always the treasure of seeing the beaches and rock formations below the cliffs in their unusually exposed splendour. It’s a perfect time to go exploring. Take your camera and go wild.

It’s important to note that when the tides start coming up again, they will move fast, so make sure you have somewhere very safe and easily accessible to get back on to the cliffs or to one of the main beaches.

Shipwrecks at Northcott Mouth, Bude

Just before we leave you to browse our other blog posts, and we hope to see you catching some waves with us soon!